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In-Network Insurances

RMA of New York Long Island is in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • New York Hotel Trades Council
  • New York State Empire Plan for Government Employees (RMA of New York recognized as site of excellence)
  • Oxford (OXF) Freedom
  • Oxford (OXF) Liberty
  • United (UHC) HealthCare
  • United Healthcare (UHC) for Mount Sinai Hospital Employees
Advanced reproductive technology procedures (i.e. IVF, PGD, ICSI) may or may not be covered under your insurance plan. To determine your exact benefits, please check with your insurance provider or an RMA of New York financial coordinator.

The extent of coverage, benefits, referral and authorization process vary from policy to policy. It is important that you understand what is covered before you begin treatment, or what the necessary requirements are to get the maximum reimbursement. RMA of New York’s finance department can help you understand your individual benefit.

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IVF Long Island - RMA of NY